Before I start HAPPY NEW YEAR 

Cheesy topic! Haha! I know!

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Blog Post Monthly the first for 2018 (actually a reprise of the last for 2017). It’s going to be an enthralling journey with you this wonderful year.

This month, we shall once again talk about Living outside the Box. I felt the need to write on this topic again because it’s a new year and well I want this year to be the year everyone of my readers begins to be the best they can be! 

Think Outside the Box. This saying has to be listed in the top 20 most said sayings of our time. Everybody says it and it’s so cliché. The common imagery is that of the ‘X and O’ game (I hear my American brothers call it Crosses and dots – nawah for una oh) and in the image, an X is placed outside the 9 box space of the game.

Blog Post.png

Well Thinking outside the box certainly has it pros. The saying simply encourages us to think above and outside what is normal, to be different, to be mavericks, to be anomaly’s, to do it differently but thinking outside the box is not enough for me which is why I say, Live Outside the Box.

What does it mean to live outside the Box? It means to not just think outside the box but to stay out of the box entirely so much that we cannot even think inside the box.

What is the Box? The box is normal. It’s conventional. It’s cliché. It’s what is usual. It’s what everybody knows. The box is the confines on us. The box is your family, your class, your state, your heritage, your circumstances – they are the box. The Box is your limitation – its the sphere you are supposedly confined to. 

When you think outside the Box it means you are still in the box and have the tendency to think inside the box tomorrow but when you live outside the box, you never think in.


Why live outside the box? When you live outside the box you refuse to be limited you are phenomenal. When you live outside the box, the sky is not your limit – it is the starting point. You refuse to let your circumstances like where and into what condition you were born to affect where you are going. You refuse to be caught up in the trends of the time and your social group and move above that. You refuse to be a follower but a leader. You don’t follow trends, you blaze the trials and set the trends.


Do you know what I discovered? Every young person who has made it and is successful failed to live inside the box. They were outcasts, they didn’t join their friends in enjoying life and doing #YOLO (You only live once). You don’t believe me? Where do you think Justin Bieber or Rihanna’s mates were when they were grinding and training hard in the studio? They were probably partying and enjoying their youth. Where do you think Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or the founder of snapchats friends were when they were achieving young?


These people and many more lived outside the box and worked hard to be where they were and you know the saddest part? The people who work for them are their mates now.

The difference between entrepreneurs/employers and workers of the same age say 25 is that while entrepreneurs were thinking outside the box, those who work for them were relaxing and enjoying their youth.

So my word to you this evening is oh ye persecuted and discouraged and judged young achiever – young blogger or writer or YouTube vlogger or entrepreneur or singer – don’t be discouraged keep living outside the box. They won’t understand but keep working hard and being you! One day they’ll probably have to work for you but now my friend keep pushing yourself further. Refuse to relax and #YOLO. Yes you only live once, but you live it to the fullest and make it count so that you’ll be remembered in the next 1000 years. A dear Friend who runs a blog said something some weeks back that was a precursor to the thoughts that made this post – she said “Why follow the trends when you can set new ones”

I heard something some days back, somebody said the sky is big enough for all of us to fly without fear of traffic jam or accident so everybody reading this post, stop riding keke napep when you can fly. Spread your wings and join the happy throng of the sky. Step out the box and lets all be successors!


Wow! So much inspiration well that’s how I’m starting 2018.

I really want everyone of you to leave the box this year and be phenomenal! So see you next month with another blog post monthly. I’m not too sure about first Thursdays but well we’ll see!

Happy New Year! 


15 thoughts on “Don’t Think Outside the Box – Live Outside The Box Reprise 

  1. You know what? This is a reinforcement of what my evening devotion was all about today. God is up to something 2018. We must at the same time, get down and work. Thanks bro!


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