Don’t Victimise “The Stronger Species”

A Reminder to always be fair in judging matters


Noami’s Suprise — Nenkinan Deshi’s Biblical Fiction Series Story #4

Naomi closed her room door and slumped to the ground. Before she even hit the floor, the tears started to flow in uncontrollable torrents. It had finally happened — the day her sister would die. 2 years Naomi had dreaded this day and had warned Rebecca timeless times but Rebecca won’t listen. Rebecca had done so much … Continue reading Noami’s Suprise — Nenkinan Deshi’s Biblical Fiction Series Story #4

Fear – Poetry 

Nb - View pictures from down up  Fear Paralysing fear keeping you in constant check  Keeping you constantly on the edge Keeping you on the watch Hindering you from even the most natural things  Fear Paralyzing fear  You don't want to make friends all because of it You don't want to talk to people because … Continue reading Fear – Poetry 

Where’s the Love?

“People killing people dying Children hurting I hear them crying Can you practice what you preaching? … Where’s the Love?” Where is the Love? This is a post I’ve long delayed writing but in view of current happenings world-wide I have to write this post and ask where the love is. We live in a … Continue reading Where’s the Love?

Cool or Not Cool – To be or not to be?

Hello people, your blogger is back with yet another odd topic with a strong message. Some things to note before reading: This post if for young people Young is any age you want it to be What is cool? What is not cool? A very hard question to answer, if you ask me. It’s so … Continue reading Cool or Not Cool – To be or not to be?


Good Evening fam, it’s yet another blog post Thursday. I apologise for taking a one month hiatus yet again, it’s due to the long work of fiction I’m working on. I’ll soon be done anyways that’s good news. Today, however I write with extreme passion. This specific fire has been burning in me for a … Continue reading MESSAGE TO THE INSECURE PERSON