Outlier. Anomaly. Misfit. Maverick. These are words I’ve used to explain myself over the years. In coping with my ongoing identity ‘crisises’, there was always the need to describe myself with an adjective. Weirdo seemed too common so I found big big English! Anyways I’m writing this to a fellow weirdo. And we are all … Continue reading Outlier

The Journey to Identity 3

I think this is going to be the last segment of this story and probably the most instructive. I’ll name this one a Paradox of persons. Gradually I have become a paradox. So much my twitter name is ‘The Young Uncle’ because it most captures my reality. Like stated in my last post I started … Continue reading The Journey to Identity 3

How to Catch a RAC (Raised as Christian) – Another Screwtape Letter

My Dear Wormwood, I read in your last letter your complaints on the near impossibility of winning over your patient because of the legacy of his faith from child birth. I shook my head in disgust as I read your letter and wondered if you have ever read the Tempters Handbook well or even paused … Continue reading How to Catch a RAC (Raised as Christian) – Another Screwtape Letter