Don’t Think Outside the Box – Live Outside The Box Reprise 

Before I start HAPPY NEW YEAR  Cheesy topic! Haha! I know! Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Blog Post Monthly the first for 2018 (actually a reprise of the last for 2017). It’s going to be an enthralling journey with you this wonderful year. This month, we shall once again talk about Living outside the Box. … Continue reading Don’t Think Outside the Box – Live Outside The Box Reprise 


Hosea’s Adventure

Hosea laughed hard at his friend Tamar’s face when she noticed he had found her and had been looking at her for some time while she thought she was safely hiding in a ‘smart spot’. They were playing a game of hide and seek and Tamar was getting frustrated because Hosea always seemed to predict … Continue reading Hosea’s Adventure

Fear – Poetry 

Nb - View pictures from down up  Fear Paralysing fear keeping you in constant check  Keeping you constantly on the edge Keeping you on the watch Hindering you from even the most natural things  Fear Paralyzing fear  You don't want to make friends all because of it You don't want to talk to people because … Continue reading Fear – Poetry 

Where’s the Love?

“People killing people dying Children hurting I hear them crying Can you practice what you preaching? … Where’s the Love?” Where is the Love? This is a post I’ve long delayed writing but in view of current happenings world-wide I have to write this post and ask where the love is. We live in a … Continue reading Where’s the Love?

Cool or Not Cool – To be or not to be?

Hello people, your blogger is back with yet another odd topic with a strong message. Some things to note before reading: This post if for young people Young is any age you want it to be What is cool? What is not cool? A very hard question to answer, if you ask me. It’s so … Continue reading Cool or Not Cool – To be or not to be?


Hey guys, your number one blogger is here. Your blogger extraordinaire is here with the first post of 2017. Everyone has been shouting 2017 is my year of success well I hope this helps you and its also part and parcel of my #HEALYOURWORLD series. P.s. I might reduce my write frequency It is often … Continue reading OVERCOME YOUR FEARS AND ‘FAILURES’