Hey guys, hello and welcome to July 2017 (oh time why dosth thou run!). Already it’s been a long, crazy and adventure filled year and if what they say about the end being better than the beginning is true, then we’re in for a ride.

So enough intro. This month my major blog post is about an error I’ve been sighting too commonly of recent in young people. It’s the reason many people get into trouble, the reason many guys and girls lose their significant others, the reason many friendships break.

This silent vice is trying to be more than one person.

What do I mean? Some years ago, Disney Channel brought a blessing and problem into our lives – Hannah Montana. Hannah occupied the space Jesus occupied outside Sunday school in some of our hearts. It was exciting, captivating and tantalizing. I can remember watching Hannah Montana marathons from morning to night. There were school bags, purses, anything – My Igbo brothers here in Nigeria took advantage of the infatuation. What was the story line like?


Miley Cyrus was a secret music star – Hannah Montana and kept it a secret. Normally she was Miley and when she wore a wig she became Hannah. Very smart I wish I had the kind of intellect the writer had. As I grew I saw other shows and even full movies taking the idea on. We started having secrets everywhere. Even my favourite Nickelodeon show – The Thunderman’s has the same storyline (Don’t look at me that way!). It even spread on Disney to High School Musical 2 where Gabriella left Troy because he was trying to roll with Sharpay and the squad at the same time. How did it end for all of them? Badly. Scarcely, Hollywood brought out the real truth about their concepts. In Hannah Montana the movie, she eventually had to confess after she lost her country boyfriend. In the Thunderman’s they eventually got caught. In HSM, Troy eventually had to choose one side after losing Gabriella.


Sadly I think we got captivated by the whole idea and forgot they were all caught and try to do the same thing. We always try to multi-identify and be more than one person. For some people, it’s the desire to be loved by everyone in every group especially in schools – Because of this they take 50 different shades and are different people around different groups. For some, its inferiority complex – because of this, they try to change who they are to roll with the high crew.


Whatever the reason – this is a very bad thing. There’s a reason God made us human beings not chameleons.

A chameleon has the right to change his colour 50 times a day but you a human have to remain the same.

A chameleon has the right to change his colour 50 times a day but you a human have to remain the same (2)

You mustn’t be loved by the good crew and bad gang at the same time. You mustn’t be everywhere with everybody. Be one person and develop that one person. See when you’re more than one person, a time will come when the pressure is too much and you just break down and your secret gets exposed. You stand the risk of getting too far with one side and getting into trouble. Like Troy in HSM you stand the risk of losing your friends so be one person and stick with it. I really wish we didn’t have factions in the world but since factions are everywhere, examine and choose the best one for you and stay there no double-laning. Even if you seem weird in comparison to everyone, as one of my friends on the Blogosphere from That Diary (You should check her out) loves to say, “Be a Jughead and own it” (for those of you who don’t watch TV series Riverdale it means be different and own it).

BE 100%.png

I think I’ll stop here. The point I’m driving is very cunt and simple. Be you. Choose one side. Don’t try to be multiple personalities – it ends awfully. Best of Both Worlds never works. Ciao

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  1. I was nodding my head in agreement as I read this. Honestly, I don’t know where you get your content from, but it is amazing. I love how you talk about what’s really going on and help to come up with a solution to it. This was an amazing piece.
    PS. Thanks for that mention at the end! 🙂


  2. Lovely post, it was humorous. Funny how you know these high school TV series. Anyway, someone who is trying to be liked by everyone sometimes, if not most times, has a problem with identity. They really don’t know who they are.”Be you. Choose one side. Don’t try to be multiple personalities” that’s important


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