Happy Good Friday fam, as you celebrate Good Friday be blessed and remember whenever yousee the cross, the cost of your sins and what Jesus bore


Crucified on a tree, bled it all to set me free

I still find it a mystery, why he did this all for me

The focal point of history, Paid by his misery

But yes he won the victory, for all of eternity

Paid the cost for my sins, can’t imagine the sad scene

Cause of it, I’m now clean, I’m now an eternal being

Lamb of God he was slain, Gave a mission to proclaim

Shout till I die his great name, Do it without any shame

Now I live because he died, just because he was crucified

But now he is dignified, above all of human kind

He’s sits at the side of God, Way higher than King Herod

After shedding all his blood, His reign has no period

In the grave low he lay, Rose again in 3 days

Won death 1 way, up in heaven now he stays

A wretch and a big disgrace, now I can seek his great face

Was blind now I see 3D, saved by his amazing grace




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