Monochrome Love – Poetry

Hello People, I'm back with another poem 😂😂 I'm a sparse poet! This is about how we find ourselves attracted to people so different from us. Read and I want your comments She was white. I was black. She was light skinned. I was hyper menalin. She was quiet. I was noisy. She was jovial. … Continue reading Monochrome Love – Poetry


Noami’s Suprise — Nenkinan Deshi’s Biblical Fiction Series Story #4

Naomi closed her room door and slumped to the ground. Before she even hit the floor, the tears started to flow in uncontrollable torrents. It had finally happened — the day her sister would die. 2 years Naomi had dreaded this day and had warned Rebecca timeless times but Rebecca won’t listen. Rebecca had done so much … Continue reading Noami’s Suprise — Nenkinan Deshi’s Biblical Fiction Series Story #4

Where’s the Love?

“People killing people dying Children hurting I hear them crying Can you practice what you preaching? … Where’s the Love?” Where is the Love? This is a post I’ve long delayed writing but in view of current happenings world-wide I have to write this post and ask where the love is. We live in a … Continue reading Where’s the Love?