Good Evening fam, it’s yet another blog post Thursday. I apologise for taking a one month hiatus yet again, it’s due to the long work of fiction I’m working on. I’ll soon be done anyways that’s good news.

Today, however I write with extreme passion. This specific fire has been burning in me for a week plus now and I couldn’t just wait for today to make this post.

Today my message is for the insecure person. Now there are several types of insecurity but today I’m talking of one type and that is ‘Personal Image Insecurity’. I know it probably doesn’t exist but necessity is the mother of all inventions.

What is Personal Image Insecurity, it is when you aren’t content with yourself and so strive to be part of a different group of people.

We all go through this insecurity right from when our 5 year old selves wanting to be part of the older kids and play with them or when we wanted to be part of the cool kids who oblivious to us were even our age mates. It’s naturally ingrained but as we grow through childhood and into teenage, it’s expected to disappear. We are expected to accept ourselves but very sadly most of us never grow, we remain like those children who want to be part of the ‘cool kids’. The problem with wanting to be part of the cool kids is when you eventually become part of them they suddenly seem like the dull kids and you want to be part of another mentally created cool kids and on and on till you lose yourself.

William Shakespeare once said,

“To thine own self be true!”

That means don’t lie to yourself. Be yourself and don’t live under a façade. Christian Hip Hop artist Lecrae also in his track Free from It all said,

‘Live for everyone else gotcha losin’ yourself’

Now to why this post has been burning me, it is so unfortunate and misfortunate all together that many people in our world today refuse to accept who they are and what they have and want to be what they aren’t. What do I mean? There’s this infamous story of this young man whose mother had a badly damaged eye which made him ashamed of her. One day she finally told him she had incurred that injury while saving him from death as a baby. The part I’m focusing on is ashamed of her. But this example doesn’t illustrate my point well. About two weeks ago I heard that a young man in JSS3 denied his father. His father was a poor man managing to educate him in one of Jos finest Secondary Schools. Because he was ashamed of his father’s clothing and car, he told his classmates that was his driver. Long story cut short the Principal found out and punished the boy and I commend her although not fully because counseling him would have been much more effective anyways she just saved this young man a lot of future stress that’s if he got the right message.

Many of you will be quick to call him foolish boy but many of us do the same thing. Lemme give some examples. You’re a young guy and manage to feed your hungry phone with 200mb every week which is really stringent but you’re aspiring and saving up to buy an IPhone7. Question?

How are you going to feed that IPhone? Why do you want the Iphone? The same reason that boy called his father his driver, you want to fit in, you don’t want to be looked down upon get it?

Another example, your parents are poor people managing to pass by every day and they manage to send you to the University. When you reach there, you start forming big girl. The garri you will normally soak without groundnut sef and eat with your parents at home, on arriving campus you won’t even near Garri, you’ll join ‘pepperdemgang’ and form ‘Shawarma burger’ girl.

It doesn’t end there, I’ve personally seen adults and it pains me do this.

You’re a single lady who just got a job and you begin to see the successful pimping single girls around. Immediately you want to be part of them. Mary K Products are in vogue, you go to your friend who sells Mary K products and take products on loan (bashi) of N150, 000 (N stands for Nigerian currency Naira) Tomorrow you see a new kind of shoe in vogue, you go and take N20, 000 bashi. By next month when you’re supposed to pay off your Mary K products, you pay half and go and take bashi of another N100, 000 Avon products because Avon is in vogue. Then you notice your car is out of vogue, you take car loan and go and buy a very expensive car. Before you know it, you’ll reach broke because of your salary deductions and your creditors will start calling then you’ll go to this friend borrow N20, 000 and pay one off, go to the next person and borrow N50,000 on and on till you exhaust your friends. My question once again is who you were deceiving?

And even married people suffer this…You know you and your husband don’t make much but because you want to level to the other women around, you force your child into an expensive Primary School, Secondary School or even Private University. Then you can’t let your child go to school with biscuit or inferior provisions, etc. because it doesn’t level up. By the time you’re done sending the child to school, you’ll soak garri and eat with your husband. Who are you deceiving? Who is being cheated?

Folks, truth is we can’t all be even in life and whether we like it or not, there will always be a higher class than us. They will never get exhausted

So what am I suggesting. Again

‘To Thine own self be true’ be 100% authentically real

Don’t lie. When you catch yourself envying the ‘cool kids’ remind yourself that trying to be them won’t make you them but working hard and diligently might take you where they are and even beyond one day. For those of you like me whose Parents managed to escape the village by the tip of the river bank, if they lived false lives, they wouldn’t have been where they are today and able to give us the lives we live even if it doesn’t measure up to what we want.

Something I do every day when I see something I want but don’t have is I use it as motivation and fuel to work hard so one day my children will not ‘be ever seeing but not having’ like me. So that I can provide it for my own children that’s the life. Truth is bitter so I understand for those of you who find this hard but all that money and time you spend trying to be like ‘dem guys’ will fare a lot better and produce more if you spend that time working hard to make it.

So fam, I’ve said it at least, I feel a huge load off my chest.

Be you, don’t lie to yourself, and accept where you are and work hard!

Song Recommendations – Tedashii Be me and I’m Good. Group 1 Crew – I Know

God bless ya’ll have a blessed day or night as the case may be.


Its an old post but still as valid. Read it and watch the video. God bless

Spoken Voiceless!

Hey guys, so its Blog Post Thursday and im back with my words as usual. However, this weeks post is special. It took me time to think this and excitedly Make my first Video (blush). So i hope you enjoy the post and the video and please share ko!

So in the last 2 weeks, i’ve gotten so passionate about helping others and touching lives. I’ve grown so desperate to write my name in History and live a legacy and i believe we should all aspire for that. While we live our lives and chill and flex and write our names in the minds of everyone living within 10 years of us and be remembered for whatever, i think we should all aspire to leave lagacy behind. We should aspire to be immortal in the sense that our names should forever remembered for a famous and not an infamous reason…

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The Woman 

She is strong and fearless
Relentlessly resilient and selfless 

Back in the African day she sold wood,  sold vegetables, shamed herself 

All to make sure her children didn’t end up useless 

She wanted them to have an education and now they do 

But she is being neglected of education herself 

They believe she has no place with knowledge 

But in reality with knowledge she can even subdue 

Because the kind of resilience she worked with is more than enough for school 

Even scripture likened the trouble we would go through to a woman’s pain in Labour 

To show that a woman’s capacity is highly respected by even God 

So this year let’s make she gets educated and is let to speak out in society And the world would be a better place



I am Nenkinan Deshi a man but this #IWD2017 International Women’s Day 2017 i am joining women to #BeBoldForChange. 

Judge not – Prejudice – Stereotype 

​Hello fam I’m back after one month exactly. I’ve been busy working trying to put a Novel in place and boy it ain’t easy. Today I’m back with a post about judgment and i hope you enjoy it. I have good news after too 

Don’t judge and you won’t be judged. Don’t judge me and I wont judge you. We hear this statements everyday and in fact utter them but I don’t think we understand the gravity of those statements which is why today my blog post is titled Prejudice

What is Prejudice? According to the good old faithful Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 8th edition, Prejudice means an unreasonable dislike of or preference for a person, group, custom, etc. In other words, Prejudice is when you make a baseless judgement of someone or something and so express hatred for it without knowing what it really is.

Let me get my definitions over it. Stereotype according to the same dictionary means a fixed idea or image that many people have of a particular type of person or thing, but which is not often true in reality.

Now a stereotype is an idea; a judgement of someone or something you make which is not exactly true but because you have had a run in with the person or thing. For example, if a girl gets almost raped or hears of a close girl almost raped and because of that hates and fears men in general so much that she judges them the same, that’s a stereotype but prejudice is when you create a judgement based on nothing at all. It is a baseless argument. It is hating for no reason no backing be it legal or what.

Where I come from in Jos, Nigeria, West Africa, the World, Planet Earth, the Solar system, prejudice is very common and I believe it is everywhere but let me speak from my locality. So easy we make judgements without facts. Let me give a typical example.

You’re driving down the street at maybe Tudun Wada those of you who live in Jos will understand and you see a young girl who is facially or body shapely 18-22 if you don’t get to see her face backing a baby and selling kose- Akara- Beancake. Most people and I myself am formerly guilty of this immediately form our opinion, In hausa we’ll say, ‘ai ga wani karuwa, yan kauyen da sun yi ciki an kore su’ (if my hausa isn’t perfect I apologize but you get the gist). We cant use literal translation but basically in English what It means is ‘Look at one of those foolish girls, one of those village girls who came to stay with people in the city and got pregnant and lost their jobs’

But ladies and gentlemen let me break to you that some of those young ladies aren’t foolish girls as we claim. Some of them are victims of rape which was done without condoms, some of them are actually wives trying to make a living but with kid faces and bodies. Some of them are trying to make their way through school. Some of them are actually pregnant ‘foolish village girls’ but they’re trying to make a living and improve their situation but the second we see them we stereotype them and make a judgement already.

Its human to judge, but we can try to reduce the way we judge it would help us relate more better. Personally, I began to practice a system, when I meet or chat someone up for the first time, I put whatever opinion of the person I may have before hand gotten from other loquacious people or whoever linked us up at bay and try to make my own assessment. True in most cases the ‘gist’ is true but there are some cases in which people are wrongly presented maybe because they don’t maintain a good image or something, and if we flow with the water we join others to stereotype them.

A friend at the University of Jos recently shared an experience. He needed help with something and had approached a lecturer for help. The lecturer called him to his office and asked him why he smokes. Why? Simply because he naturally had dark lips this man assumed that he was a substance abuser. He kept telling the man he wasn’t a smoker but the man refused to bend.

You see we make opinions and refuse to bend. I have been at the end line of people making before hand opinions and I promise it wasn’t funny. So let me rephrase the phrase I started this post with, 

Don’t make a before hand opinion of someone, try to know them and their stories then you can make an opinion’ 

I believe this quote is much more efficient than ‘Don’t judge me and I wont judge you’. Like or hate it, you will be judged but you do your part and don’t judge and karma would surely reward all those who judged you.

 ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you’

A quote by Toby Mac says, “Don’t judge my story by the chapter you walked in on” That makes a lot of sense, don’t judge someone based on the chapter you walked in on. In this case for my blog post, the chapter you walked in on is the story, the info, the gist you’ve heard about the person. Clear prejudice and make judgements only when you know people.

So announcement time. Ladies and gentlemen I got featured on Teen Ink! Crazy right I’m so super excited but i need you votes to Stand a chance of appearing in the paper back edition so head over to Vote Here and like my story. 

Thanks fam thanks for reading God bless you and don’t judge 

Your loving – A beautiful poem 

Roses are red, violets are blue 

Candy is sweet, chocolate is brown 

Beaches are cool, sunsets are orange 

All these are known, all this are true 

But they all fail to rival in comparison 

Equating you to them is like personal treason 

To that mistake i find no reason 

You are above any colour and feeling 

And i cant do without your loving. 

-Deshi Nenkinan Nehemiah 2017

Drawing credit – Ushie Daniels

Image credit – Oyale Peters @Precise Designs 


Hello guys, its been exactly a month IKR ya’ll have missed your favourite blogger. We’ll I’m back. I’ve been fine thank you, just thinking and observing and today I finally have something to share.

So guys, today my blog post is going to be a little different. It consists of thoughts I have gathered all pertaining to one large topic FREEDOM. I’m going to make three points all relating to freedom. This thinking was actually sparked off by a group study of a poem at the American Corner in Jos (BTW one of the smartest concentration of people in one place at a time I’ve met) – I know why the caged bird sings by Maya Angelou. Looking at the poem for the first time, you’ll automatically analyse it as one of those black civil rights movements era poems, but what I love about group discussions is they open your mind and make you think of other stuff. The stuff might not be directly related to the poem, but it sure sparks off thinking. That’s exactly what happened.


So firstly, Freedom isn’t a condition it’s a personal decision. What do I mean? Its possible to be free with no restrictions and still be caged. Caged in a psychological prison. One thing that stood out in the poem is that while the caged bird sang, the free bird wasn’t singing. Now singing is an act of joy and hope; we see that very well In the Negro spirituals. The free bird is probably so free he has no joy again and instead of singing in his freedom, to ease his boredom he begins to compare with other birds. Now Competition is just one instant of how freedom is a mental decision but it is the most common in today’s world where we all want success at any cost. Last week, I remember watching President Trump of the USA speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast (BTW I’ve never really been anti-trump) and I must confess I was truly touched. Let me quote part of what he said to help me make my point.

“…We forget this–that the quality of our lives is not defined by our material success…I tell you that from somebody that has had material success and knows tremendous numbers of people with material success–the most material success. Many of those people are very, very miserable, unhappy people”


Even though he was talking about faith, This coming out of a rich business man, a billionaire and a President of the Greatest Nation on Earth is really something. To hear him say that many rich friends of his are unhappy and miserable is enough proof that freedom is a thing of the mind. I’m not concluding but probably the reason this people are unhappy is because they are in a psychological prison. Let me give an illustration.


You’re a business man, very rich but you aim to be the richest man in Africa. Now you’re so obsessed with being Africa’s richest that you’re perpetually sad, even when you make a great achievement, it dosen’t matter because your eyes are set on something else. You don’t have to be a business man, it can be a High School or College student who wants to be first, somebody who wants to be the most popular, etc but my point is because your eyes are fully there, you limit yourself to a cage and instead of happily singing and being happy with your financial or social or whatever freedom and security, you remain sad and bitter. In this case you’re so free you start competing with other free birds which is an unhealthy lifestyle and totally uncalled for. Also, its painful that some people in cages don’t sing. Instead they are so bitter in the cage and become so depressed that even when they get released they fly too low and remain mediocre till they die. So my first principle.

#Principle 1- Freedom is a thing of the mind

Now next, I know we’ll all rather be free birds than caged birds, agreed but if we don’t form a pseudo cage, things can get out of hand. What am I saying? Too much of everything is bad and freedom is no exception. There’s this story of Adonis a bird whose father warned him not to fly too high but in his arrogance, he did and his wings got burnt. In my metaphor-attempt, Adonis wanted to be too free and so he pushed the limits. I’ve seen many people who wished for freedom and when they got it they blew it off, they lost themselves, some their sanity, some their purity, some have become hooked to some social vices and depressingly ultimately, some lose their lives. What point am I driving at, most of us reading this are ‘free’ people but even in our freedom we have to impose some disciplines some form pseudo caging on ourselves to maintain our freedom and to keep singing. So let me state my second principle.

#Principle 2 – Freedom without discipline is a road back to bondage.

Thirdly, Now being in a cage – a cage is any form of restriction imposed on you by higher authority be it academic or what, you need to have the right mindset. There are 2 probable mindsets you can have. Firstly, you can decide within you to observe how other free birds fall and get injured and sing of how you’ll do it differently or you can just sing of freedom and extreme freedom.


What’s the difference, when the first type get out, they fly well and enjoy their lives singing and the second type fly to all the limits till they get burnt and fall. Many of us are in some form of cage, some in Secondary boarding schools-some in Private Tertiary institutions-some still in their parents houses but what defines our freedom and helps us not to be like Adonis is our mindset in the cage and what kind of freedom we sing about. So Principle 3

#Principle 3 – The right kind of freedom is determined by our attitude in the cage.

So those are my thoughts about freedom and I hope we take it too heart. Those of you reading in some form of cage, have the right attitude, notice the pitfalls of others and avoid them and keep singing, those of you who are free, make sure you make some guidelines or you might just get caged back and those of you who are unhappy with where you are though free, stop looking too far and make up your mind to be content. If you need to know the secret to happiness, follow this link to a previous blog post and read


Thanks fam for reading, a 1000 words plus wow. I’m getting better at this. See you when next I see you maybe another month.




Hey guys, your number one blogger is here. Your blogger extraordinaire is here with the first post of 2017. Everyone has been shouting 2017 is my year of success well I hope this helps you and its also part and parcel of my #HEALYOURWORLD series. P.s. I might reduce my write frequency
It is often said, the ability to conquer your fears and move on from your ‘failures’ is elemental to Success. What does this tell us? It tells us to be big boys and girls and it also teaches us an elemental truth I would soon come to. A rather humorous African quote says,

“When life gives you pepper, make pepper-soup”


Its funny but its the truth often life sends pepper our way sends discouragements some harsh trials and harsh winds.

What defines us is how well we rise above the tide. How well we swim pass this waves and rocket above this problems. I think I’m finally ready to state the elemental truth which is my first principle for today

#Principle 1 – Life is full of ups and downs. What makes us different is how we respond positively or negatively.


Next, I intend to get rid of something I call a victim mindset. A victim mindset is one of the saddest things that happens to people all over the world. It Is when you tell yourself and sort of decide within yourself that what happened to you happened to you because of something you did and you will never recover from it. Let me be plain truthful That’s rubbish! And its so sad we humanly always create victims of ourselves.

People, troubles come naturally, problems aren’t different from the waves that appear on water;they come with life and because a problem is vaguely or vividly related to a circumstance in your life doesn’t mean its localized to you. It comes with life and if you cant ride the wave; don’t bother taking your surf board on the ocean. In other words, for the fact you are alive and hope to live a long fruitful life, learn to deal with the drama and save yourself from Trauma. So my second principle

#Principle 2 – A victim mindset cripples us from moving on

Now, let us examine ‘failure’ and fear. Take note I use ‘failure’ always in quote because I don’t think that word is healthy. Lets see it as a temporary recess. Like the period between death and Jesus’ second coming as a temporal thing except of course we fear the wrong result.

Now lets examine how to fear wrong and right

Fear as a word can be made into an acronym and it actually possesses 2 meanings. Its either you:

F – Forget                                                                                    F- Face

E – Everything                                                                           E – Everything

A – And                                                                                        A- And

R – Run                                                                                        R- Rise


So after every ‘failure’ and setback, we have 2 choices either to FEAR or fear. I am using and recommending you use FEAR in capital to represent the good fear and fear in lower-case to represent the bad fear. Anyways we either, forget everything; to forget all the good that has happened to us and our possible window out of the situation; to blind our eyes to everything and everyone; to shut ourselves out from the world and run run run to where? Actually no where till we eventually depress ourselves or we can decide to face; to stand eye to eye with; to find a solution; to accept our failures and admit to others and receive their counsel; to embrace the situation and accept what has happened as it is and rise slowly.

Rising again wont be easy. Lets make Rachel Platten’s fight song our soundtrack :

“This is my fight song take back my life-song

Prove I’m alright song my powers turned on

Starting right now ill be strong

Ill play my fight song and I don’t really care if no one believes in me

Cause I still got a lot of fight left in me”

Don’t ever let your fight die. A bible verse says

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power, of love and a sound mind.

When an athlete has an accident and loses their legs or their motor skills or when someone has an accident or a stroke, it takes time in physiotherapy to calmly again like a baby regain the ability to eat, talk and do other primary functions till one day you can run again.

When an eagle gets injured it also has to go through flying 101 again before achieving excellence that’s how it is when we face ‘temporal recesses’ (take note I didn’t use failure this time). We have to humble ourselves and slowly but steadily rise to our peak which will drag me to my next lesson but first lemme give our third principle.

Principle #3 – We should learn to FEAR and not fear

Now my last lesson. I know those of you familiar with me are used to 3 but today I have to include a fourth is all about wisdom in ‘temporal recesses’. Now when we make mistakes, the ideal thing to do is learn from them. To try our possible best not to make them again. To sit down evaluate and examine what led to our recess and try to avoid it re-occurring.

This is a personal exercise I do and want to advice to everyone reading or watching this. Whenever you make a mistake and have those moments of regret (if you must have them), sit down get a piece of paper and evaluate how it happened in the first place then think deep and write a resolution not to do it again. It has helped before and will really help.

A quote once said, “they say we learn from our mistakes, ill soon be a professional” and there was a picture of a little birdie. Well true but another picture said something else. “The wisest people are those who learn from the mistakes of others”.

So In essence I’m also advising something else. When you see someone make a mistake don’t give that skeptical look and attitude, but examine it see where the person went wrong and then don’t go that way. Its like going on a road and seeing someone hit the tree, you swerve to the other side so you wont hit the tree but when you hit the tree after seeing the person in front hit it, even a baby will call you foolish. Its not different from when you see someone try something and fail (hit a wall) and still do it.

So learn from others mistakes and learn from your mistakes. Take note don’t be deceived that if you learn from others mistakes you wont make yours. Yes you will make yours and someone else will have an opportunity to learn from them and how you rose again. So finally I reach my final fourth principle

#Principle 4 – Mistakes are lessons. We learn from those we make and those others make.

SO People, I think this 4 principles are a recipe to dealing with fear and ‘temporary recesses’ (‘failures’). I hope you find this helpful and travel well to your destiny. STAND UP YOU ARE A CHAMPION. Peace out and to my American readers a good farewell to POTUS and welcome to Trump. Remember Obamas words

“Believe in your capacity to create change”

So this blog post has a video find it below download and enjoy 

2016 year in Retrospective

016 WordPress.jpg

I remember like Yesterday Jan 1,2016. An airy arid day. That day I looked at the 365 days ahead of me. So far in my life 2016 was going to be the hardest and most crucial year. There was Jamb, WAEC, and NECO ahead of me in that order and an extra exam the SAT’S.

Not a fan of school myself, I knew I was going to need a lot of help so I prayed and asked God to help me and see me through. To give me strength which I really needed.

So I walked into 2016 with my walking stick in one hand and faith in the other. 2016 is a year I will never forget because this year I learnt a lot about life I hope to share one day. A lot of challenges presented themselves but God was there. The bible tells us to testify so ill testify anyway.

Around February/March this year, I didn’t know it at the time but I had a period of depression. A period where nothing made sense. My Jamb was coming and still the spirit of reading hadn’t descended, my left leg was giving me more trouble than it should but I knew going for checkup was a time waste because the doctor would tell me to just wait it out and still there was no sign of power handover in school and that was when the stress of being a headboy was most. I remember sleeping angrily after writing in my journal everyday and wishing the morning didn’t come. I remember removing my red tie (my emblem of authority) and stamping it angrily one Tuesday morning. I didn’t know the cause for living and ill admit I doubted God at that point but God was merciful.

Through all the drama and pain of 2016, God was teaching me a lesson. I had been saying it everyday but now it was more real.

“I might let you bend but I wont let you break”

That was Gods lesson and through even sermons this is my most important lesson this year.

Secondly, I had lived in Perpetual bitterness since 2012 because of my left Leg but this year it left me. Even after hearing my Doctors resignation and continued promise that I will be okay by the time I turned 18 which I am today with some months, I live with Joy. 2016 thought me that Gods grace was sufficient. People wonder and ask how I work with my leg and I say God. Back in school and even now at home, the first feeling I have every morning is my left knee sending a sharp pain through my body and I ask myself, “God how will I make it through today?” but everyone who knows me and especially those in Bethany Christian Academy will testify that I did more work than most people without any leg issue. At the end of everyday ill marvel at how much I did. SO this year I finally learnt a lesson from my leg which replaced the bitterness.

“Gods grace is sufficient”

My knee taught me that Gods grace was sufficient and without Gods grace I was nothing.

Thirdly my exams, the quality of reading I gave to my WAEC, NECO and JAMB examinations can be easily equated to JSS3 Mock reading, that for my SAT’s to common entrance reading but God was there. Somehow I read just what came out and remembered the rest thank God for a good memory. I did it and passed this exams well. For the SAT’s I didn’t even read but God helped me.

Fourthly, 2016 was the end of 2 stages of life for me, Secondary School and Childhood in a sense. This year, after 6 years of Blood, Sweat and Tears, I finally graduated completely with a Prefect-ship certificate as an extra from Bethany Christian Academy. The journey wasn’t smooth but God was there. I also turned 18 this year which is recognized at the age of legality worldwide. The age where you are considered wise enough to do some things on your own.

Lastly, if anything is evident from my social media posts since August I finally found my place and talent and that is in writing. Somehow I cant explain here, God used every experience this year to show me he wanted me to write. This year saw the completion of Make it Shine on Wattpad, the publishing of Gems for the mind – A collection of Poetry on Wattpad, the beginning of Spoken Voiceless a Blog and Website on WordPress, the Production of #HEALYOURWORLD and Dream it-believe it-Achieve it both videos, the start of the Psychologist a duet Novel with a friend, the writing of several short Stories of which Grieved and Sara’s Joy are posted on Facebook. This little achievements are just my starting points and I’m hoping for the grace to Study Writing in the University.

I have written a little out of what God has done for me. I can go on and on but ill stop here. One day I have a plan to write a Memoir of all the lessons I have learnt and be an encouragement.

Before I end this post let me thank some people who are my ‘unlikely heroes’. The people who supported me and made this year a success. First my Family Samuel Jurbe Deshi, Kyenpiya Deshi, Chirka Alisa Deshi, D.s. Bello and Jikirit Deshi (a’int on facebook yet), ill like to thank Pyemwa Samantha Deshi, Lizze Deshi, Leyit Lenka, Leurit George Lenka, Ephraim Funmen Gwadah, Daniel Ritkat Yakzum, Berneez Zigwai, Jemimah Mamza, Esther Rachel Best, Gladeez Ebraheem, Theophilus Silas (most of you knew us as enemies but I can say this was one of my greatest blessings), Nandak Lean, Daniel Okpanachi, Victoria Anogie, Sharon Nandang, Peace Piwuna, Mafeng Tiri (my personally adopted elder sister), Choja Macarthy, Yeipyeng David, Taiye Akinlotan, Barinyang Tende, Abdul Umar, Dalipa Gwary, Lauretta Da’anan, Dian Agundu, Wasan Danjuma, Noroh Hannah Pam, Diret Manasseh, Nanret MpyeNash Halim Chundusu, Shedrach Ezikiel (who was always ready to sacrifice for my wahala), Mr. Gabriel Ameh (words aren’t enough), Zainab Titus (Sister, Friend and Mentor; undoubtedly one of my greatest blessings this year) some I don’t know personally (Lecrea Moore, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Gavwi, Blaca, Manwell Reyes, For king and Country, KB, 1GN, Social Club Misfits, Lauren Daigle, Kirk Franklin), Bethany Christian Academy (Everyone even the security men) and phew I can go on and on. This people were my rocks, my encouragement, my fan club, my inspirations, in-short they are irreplaceable. Sorry I couldn’t remember all. Thanks fam you really did it.

Lastly, unto he who is able to keep us all safe and bring us to the presence of God with exceeding Joy, to the only wise God and Savoiur be Glory and Honour, Dominion and Power forever and ever Amen.

P.S. Bended but not broken, Personal Memoir coming up in 2023.


Hey fam, so I cooked up a Christmas story but from a different perspective. From the perspective of a poor inn owners daughter Sara. Read it and enjoy the art. Thank you. I anticipate your likes and comments. Do me a favor and share this story. Thank you once again

It was a really cold Night in Bethlehem Judea and Sara had been having probably the busiest day of her short 8 years of life. She had been working non stop from morning getting guests settle into her fathers inn. 
Word was, Ceaser the emperor had ordered everyone home for a census and Bethlehem happened to have too many a people.
Normally, Bethlehem was a really quiet town. People didn’t stay here but moved into the cities for lucrative jobs Bethlehem was like a retirement town and that was why there were only 5 inns but her dad had decided to move back after her mom died. 
The thought of her dad made her smile. He loved her so much! She was the only child and her mom had died giving birth to her. Sara at times wised she had met her mom but it didn’t happen that way. Her dad always told her that her mom was very sweet and nice.
The inn had actually been full since noon but helping the guests settle was a job. Her dad hadn’t expected such a population and hence they were understaffed. Just she, her dad and 2 neighbors were cooking and offering room service and going into the nearest city to get supplies since noon.
Finally Sara found a way into her own room which was near the front entrance. She was really tired. She wanted to go check on her Ewe which was expected to give birth anytime for now but she was weak. Then she heard her dad talking outside. He seemed to be trying to explain the space problem to some people and controlling his frustration at the same time. Quietly, Sara peeped out her window. It was a man and a woman on a donkey. The woman looked really pregnant like she might burst any second. The man was earnestly begging even on his knees. Sara quickly analyzed that they wouldn’t find space in any inn that night and the woman was already in pain.
Quickly, she ran out. She knew her dad had a soft spot for pregnant women due to the circumstances surrounding her birth. She appeared outside and in an almost whiny voice said, “Papa she’s going to have a baby”

Sara looked at her dad, she knew she had won him over.

“But Sara there’s no space”

“We could make hay beds for them in the Stable! Its late and almost impossible to find an inn!”

Sara knew she had sounded ridiculous but little was better than none wasn’t it? It was the man who spoke next

“Yes sir, we can manage the stable”

“Okay then” Sara’s dad said

Before he was done, Sara had already rushed down to the stable. She quickly put the room in order and made a new manger in-case the woman gave birth. By the time her dad and the guests got down the woman was in labor. 

10 minutes later, a little baby came out from the woman. Sara ran up and brought swaddling clothes which the woman wrapped the baby in and laid in the manger.
Sara didn’t know why, but this baby looked different to her. He was small like all babies and whiny but somehow his whine sounded like a happy song. All the animals in the stable seemed to be amazed at their new visitor especially the 2 week old lamb. He in particular gazed at the baby like an elder brother.
About an hour later, Sara heard a knock. She ran and there she saw Shepherds with the most happy expression on their faces.

“Hallo” their leader said

“We heard a baby, the new king has been born in the manger here”

Sara couldn’t quite place what she heard. This baby was a king!! Sara quickly took them down and they worshiped the baby. This shepherds who she knew personally and could not have possible known Joseph and Mary (the baby’s parents) had heard of his birth and come to worship. The shepherds told her dad angels had appeared to them. The last time an angel appeared after another really long time was to Zachariah the Priest.
Then another knock. Sara ran and this time from when she saw them she knew who they were. The wise astrologers from the east more popularly known as the Wise kings. 3 of them stood before her

“Hello, little one, please lead us to the new born king. A star led us here” and he pointed to the brightest star Sara had ever seen.

Sara led them down to meet the shepherds, her dad, the baby and his parents. They worshiped the baby and offered 3 gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

After some time worshiping, both the shepherds and the wise men left with the promise to spread the word that a new king was born. Only Sara and her Dad were left with the ‘royal family’. After some time talking, Sara went to her bed.
Sara would later be one of his key followers and one of the women who went to his tomb only to find that he had defiled the law of death but that night as Sara slept, she slept with a big smile because she knew she had just been part of something big.

Hello fam, so its December 22 2016, 3 days to Christmas and people have a negative spirit already especially due to the economic situations we’re facing here in Nigeria. Well, I hope this story reminds us that Christmas isn’t necessarily about money as our Lord was born in the poorest in situations. I don’t think any of us especially the young were born in a condition near that. So I want us to take our minds off our economic circumstances and worship God this Christmas with Joy in our hearts. If you have the money to put on a serious celebration fine but even if you don’t, do what you can do and share with your family. Have fun and enjoy each other in this season of love. God doesn’t care how much we spend but our hearts and us sharing the love of the Christmas season matters to him. So relax, be calm and Merry Christmas!


Ladies and gentlemen your #1 Blogger is back again. Its blog post Thursday!! So today’s topic is inspirational its all part of my #HEALYOURWORLD series.

So firstly, a dream in my own definition (I wont quote any dictionary) is something we believe we aspire and will go any length to achieve. This is different from the dream you have in the night mind you. But the pessimism that is so rampant in the world will tell you dreams don’t come true. Especially in an African culture, if you dream to be anything outside some professional settings, you’re regarded as very un-serious (take note I included that very) but dreams do come true . So my first principle:


#PRINCIPLE 1 … Dreams do come true

If Edison didn’t dream of the light bulb, we’d be In darkness. If Oliver and Wilbur didn’t dream of the plane, the world will be so (I cant even imagine). If so on and so on I can name examples didn’t dream what is now wont be existing. Every new idea is born of a dream and only a dream can give birth to a lot of new stuff. Everyday technology is improving and new stuff are coming out because someone has decided to step out of their comfort zone and decided to act upon his dream. My case study for this post is one of my greatest historical figures Martin Luther King Jr. I want to use Martin to prove to anyone reading who believes otherwise that you don’t have to be a doctor or engineer or the sorts to dream something new and bring about a change. Before I start let me give my second principle


#PRINCIPLE 2 … Every new idea, movement or change is a result of a dream

So back to Martin. Martin Luther King Jr. Had a dream that a black man will rule America in a time when black people were not yet allowed to be in the same bus with white people. Oliver and Wilbur dreamt of a big flying bird at a time when gravity still forbade anything big going up and coming down. Oliver and Wilbur faced a lot of opposition and lost their licenses, Martin got jailed several times for his fight. Oliver and Wilbur eventually pulled through. Martin too eventually got the law signed into congress. Why did I compare this 2 men, I wanted to prove that the pattern is the same in whatever field you may find yourself. My dear Nigerians, I may not know his story ill be sure to research but the person who acted Martin Luther King Jr. In the movie Selma was one of our own; a Nigerian. Why did I bring this up too, because I want to clear that belief that a Nigerians influence stops at local championism (don’t bother searching the word; I must have made it up) anyways my main point is in whatever field we find ourselves, whatever sphere of life, we can dream and we can achieve it just takes believe. It was once said, it is only what you dream of and have passion for you can achieve. That is very true all it takes for your dream to become reality is passion and you believing it. Again my Nigerians, don’t you find it amazing that in the wake of the announcement of the US elections, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie one of us was invited to a radio station to comment. She is one of us, but she has pursues her dream so much in the literary world that when Chimamanda speaks, the world pauses to read. Wole Soyinka won a Nobel Prize in Literature. There’s so much more we can achieve from where we are. All we have to do is stop dreaming alone and work on the dream believe it and achieve it. Ill close with 2 quotes I cherish a lot

‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,

Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure,

We may ask ourselves who am I to be

brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?

The question is who are we not to be?

We were born to make manifest through the glory of God that is within us

And while we let our own light shine,

We unconsciously give others permission to do the same’.


(this was how I learnt it anyways what may be seen in the picture may be slightly different but same message.

This quote is the final hammer that hits the nail of what I’m trying to say (well literally write). We just need to believe in ourselves and we can do anything. We are very powerful and we need not use our power

The second quote says;

‘In life work for a cause not for applause

Live to express, not to impress,

Don’t strive to make your presence noticed,

Just make your absence felt’.


This was what Martin Luther King Jr. Did, he worked for a cause not for applause (he gave the Nobel prize money anyways), he lives to express and he only strove to make his absence felt. He died young below 40, but his impact continued.


#PRINCIPLE 3 … What you dream of and believe, you can achieve


So Fam that’s that for today. I’ve by the power of God within me to make manifest delivered again today. I made a video some of you may have seen it about this topic and Martin Luther King Jr. In specific. For those who haven’t watched, I’ll attach a link. Go on, dream, believe it and achieve it. Second to last blog post of the year!!!