Haha. I’m actually looking for trouble this evening.

So girls don’t like shooting their shot because of several reasons – some say because the guy will think they don’t have class (IDK who defined that paradigm oh😒😒). Some say because na the man suppose suffer as na him God say go toil for garden of eve (just imagine!😑😑) Some have various reasons

Well learn from ya grand ancestor Ruth who is a celeb sef as she entered Jesus’ genealogy.

If you think you’ve shot a risky shot before you lie! Ruth shot the riskiest shot.

So a little backdrop. She was a foreigner in a time when your tribe really mattered let’s say she was like the only black lady in an all-white school. She wasn’t just a foreigner she was a Moabitess – a tribe that was disliked by the Israelites because they had once cursed them. This outcast in two ways followed Naomi her mother in-law home and soon went to glean in the field of Boaz in whose eyes she found favour.

It was enough that she found favour in Boaz eyes oh – in that time it was believed that God would curse you if you related with a Moabite. Ruth decided to listen to Naomi and engage a get-Boaz-to-notice-me plan😂😂. Something many of you would call ashawo work today because it was a hard plan!

Basically Boaz has drank some wine and is “in good spirits” and is lying down on the pile of barley then Babe Ruth oshey bathes, puts on perfume oil and wears her best clothes then lies at his feet. What a plan! Boaz just had to notice her.

My Guy woke up and there were two things involved – one he vexed and shouted at the Moabitess and called her a big ashawo! Or two he took advantage of her and had a fun time or three which was unlikely gaskiya he took her as wife.

At this stage I’ll have to say I don’t know how the plan worked ba but it did. Boaz became so resolute to marry Ruth automatically that he went to the first Kinsman redeemer and technically talked the guy out of Marrying Ruth with style. Without hesitation and wondering if she’ll bring curse – his family men had died after all – my guy removed his sandals and gave it to seal the deal.

So how to shoot your shot? I don’t know but just be confident like Ruth. Maybe put some perfume and cook food too (lmao). But above all be a fine girl. Because las las ba twas the fine girl that did Boaz from when he first allowed her glean and fed her well to the seeing her at his feet all na fine girl do am!

Thanks for reading my tutorial 👍👍

Happy shot shooting


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