Good evening everybody.

We (myself and Gladys Ibrahim) would like to announce the launch of our magazine:

The Nigerian Revolution Project Magazine.

It is sad that we are launching in the present situations and times our society finds itself in and we condemn what is happening.

However, Nigeria and where she is now is why we are launching this magazine. The Nigerian Revolution Magazine is yearned to be a Nigerian youth excellence magazine that showcases the Nigerian youth through art. It is no news to anyone that our nation isn’t where it is supposed to be and most of us think we can do nothing but we can do something. Hence we invite writers, poets, photographers, drawers, painters, etc. to join us on this project.

We want to spark a revolution but a revolution of mindsets. We want to ‘un-write’ the negative stereotypes held about our country both by its indigenes and those outside. We want to spark the spirit of patriotism and nationalism. We want to show the world that our country’s youth are vibrant working every day. We want to show that we aren’t lazy Nigerian youth.

We plan to do this through a magazine PDF publication, the first edition slated for January/February next year.

We cannot do this ourselves. We need you the Nigerian youth out there, both inside and outside the country.

We need you to submit your works and let’s work to make Nigeria great again. We are the youth! And we are the future!

Thank you
Nenkinan Deshi
Gladys Ibrahim

For more information:
Medium – @Project9jamag
Facebook – The Nigerian Revolution Project Magazine
Instagram – @project9jamag
Twitter – @project9jamag
Email –


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