The Fate of Ahaz – Biblical Fiction

*Authorsnote. Pondering on the love of God and his grace and forgiveness I was inspired to write this piece from the fiction angle of Ahaz the criminal who received forgiveness on the cross beside yeshua. Enjoy THE FATE OF AHAZ “Ooooouuuccchhhh…..” Was the sound that came from Ahaz as the nail drove into his hand? … Continue reading The Fate of Ahaz – Biblical Fiction



Yo! Check that keyboard. A..S…D…F. Ha! Don’t mind me. I’m so pumped up to write this blog post. Welcome to Spoken Voiceless if you’re coming here for the first time. This is Blog Post monthly for this month (Can you believe half of the year has gone!) So Today I’m going to be talking of … Continue reading BUILD AN ARK TODAY