Agrippas Experience – Short Story – Easter Story

THE BIBLICAL STORIES THAT TIME FORGOT EASTER 2018 EDITION Agrippa’s Experience Agrippa Aurelius tried to force his eyes shut but they won’t cooperate. This had been the case for the last three hours – he couldn’t just sleep not after what had happened today and what his eyes had seen. About five hours ago Jesus … Continue reading Agrippas Experience – Short Story – Easter Story


Monochrome Love – Poetry

Hello People, I'm back with another poem 😂😂 I'm a sparse poet! This is about how we find ourselves attracted to people so different from us. Read and I want your comments She was white. I was black. She was light skinned. I was hyper menalin. She was quiet. I was noisy. She was jovial. … Continue reading Monochrome Love – Poetry