Hello FAM, it’s a new month again! So quick! This is Blog Post Monthly #10 just 2 more and we in 2018!

So without much noise let’s dive into my blog post for this month. I’m sure the topic has already roused your attention.

The ‘Stronger Species’ refers to those things, people, animals and even trees we treat and revere and relate to as the superior and stronger to the other. It’s those living or non-living things we subconsciously tag as stronger and superior to others.

For example, one of the greatest issues in our world right now is Feminism because men are believed to be the stronger species. I’ll get back to this later but I just wanted to give an example.

My topic says Don’t Victimize the Stronger Species. This is because I’ve been noticing for a while how quick and flexible we are to point fingers at the supposedly stronger species even when the fault isn’t theirs. We’re so quick to point fingers at the ‘stronger species’ without even investigating who is at fault.


The most classic example for this would be our all-time favourite show as children – Tom and Jerry. I don’t know if you have noticed this on your own but please reminisce for a moment – do you know it was always Jerry looking for trouble? Tom was a classic cat always looking to quietly enjoy his day in lazy comfort but Jerry wouldn’t let him and hence the trouble. But because our minds were trained to blame the ‘stronger species’ most of us blamed Tom all the time.

This inclination to blame the stronger species is only natural. So my purpose in writing this is to remind us that the ‘Weaker species’ isn’t always the ‘Innocent Species’.

I recall in Secondary School, we had a problem. The problem was whenever a case went before the Disciplinary Committee and it involved a Junior Student and Senior Student, the Senior Student automatically was guilty. In fact the investigation turned from a matter of ‘true or false’ to ‘true or yes’. Why? The Junior Student was considered as the weaker specie.

Just 3 weeks ago, we had an experience. A Three Legged Tricycle Driver (Keke Napep as we call them), drove wrongly and we crashed into the Tricycle. It was clearly the Keke Drivers fault but to onlookers and spectators, it was our fault. Why? The Tricycle Driver was seen as the ‘Weaker Species’.

Growing up, my junior sister was like all Baby Sisters stubborn and naughty. She would never fail to ‘look for trouble’ and when I responded as necessary immediately I’d be pounced on because I’m a ‘Stronger Specie’.

The most popular of this is the feminism agenda. Women have automatically become Saints in spite of what they do because they invoke sympathy as weaker species. A guy plays a girl and uses her, Men are Scum. A woman does the same – She has a reason or the guy deserved it.

And on and on, I cannot run out of examples for this phenomenon. But it needs to change. We need to stop seeing the ‘Weaker Species’ as Victims always and simultaneously victimize the stronger species as the villains.

I’m not insinuating anything but most times it’s the weaker species that are the stubborn species and mischievous ones.

So Fam, I’m at the end of my post. Don’t forget my main point.


The Weaker Species are not always the innocent species – don’t always treat them as such”

31 thoughts on “Don’t Victimise “The Stronger Species”

  1. I had this discussion with my former boss about the herdsmen and the sympathy they get and he said “The aggressor is the protected.”
    That explains the LGBT sympathies too. Minorities have managed to craft the conversation and become the advantaged.
    So you noticed correctly.

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  2. I think the reason why we victimise the “stronger species” is that they are most likely to use their “strength” to abuse the “weaker species”.And mostly that is what happens.There is a greater tendency for seniors to harass Juniors or men to hurt women than the other way round.But I think like you said each situation should be carefully considered before judgement is passed.Everything might not be as it seems.

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  3. I don’t know if I am being biased here, but I think people tend to blame men because many have taken advantage of the weakness of women before. Now I am not saying that women are an innocent lot, they are the most stubborn. And yes, sometimes the men are actually innocent. I’m just saying that they easily get blamed because they have carved a reputation for themselves when it comes to the way ‘some’ men treat women.

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