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Good Evening wordpress. So two weeks back I celebrated the publishing of my first piece on an African literary journal. That was my nonfiction essay, “The Emotional Package Called Weather”.
As God will have it, I got a double blessing. Just 2 weeks later, the Kahalari Review decided to yet again publish my first Fiction piece a short story titled: “The silver Strand”.
As a writer, I don’t believe in writing for pure fun though fun is part. I write stories for reason especially to call out things I frown at. I wrote this particular story for a couple of reasons I hope will convince you to read whether child or adult.
1. To remind young lovers to be moderate and not take chances.

2. To remind parents that their children hold more value than their so called reputations.

3. To sensitise society on not discriminating against young ladies who have found themselves in an unfortunate situation.

4. To call on well meaning individuals to help helpless people fight for their rights.

5. To encourage those going through trials that the silver lining will surely come.
With this few points of mine. I hope I have convinced you to read “The Silver Strand” published on the Kalahari Review this evening 25th July 2017. Link here 


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