Hello guys, So in church I was listening to the sermon and I got inspired to write a fictional account of how Moses was saved and preserved. I title it …SPECIAL
“Miriam! Miriam! Mem! Mimi!”
Miriam deliberately refused to answer her mother and act like she was asleep but as the shouts grew incessantly louder and closer, she knew she had to answer or face a violent ‘shaking awake’ from her mother so Miriam stood up reluctantly and headed for her mother’s room. Since the arrival of the baby 3 months ago, her life had taken a new annoying form- the whole family’s life actually. Every single action was geared at one thing – protect the baby. Her parents had decided not to name the baby lest they get too emotionally attached because he was bound to be found and killed any day so for now he was just baby.
Her mothers’ decision to keep the baby was met with hesitancy by both herself and her father – Aaron was still too young to care. They had tried to reason with her but her mother insisted on keeping the baby saying he was a special child. Even yesterday, her parents had argued about the child…,
“Jochebed why do you insist on bringing trouble upon us” her father Aram had angrily shouted
“I’m not bringing trouble. Can’t you see he’s a special child?”
“What special? Didn’t the other women and even Leah your sister feel their new-borns were special before they handed them over?”
“Aram, look at him. Have you seen a baby so fine before?”
“My own mother told me I was the finest baby she’d seen. It’s in the genes” Aram scoffed
Her mother had not answered again but burst into tears. Miriam was torn between having pity on her and taking her father’s side. Truth the baby has caused them much trouble. In fact hadn’t it been for her father’s standing as a Levite, the baby would have been found since. Nearly all the Hebrews knew but because they respected her father they didn’t talk. Instead they scoffed at the whole family with anger in their eyes. Miriam slept every night silently praying none of them got too angry and revealed the secret because then the whole family would be punished for hiding the baby.
Miriam hurried into her mother’s room and found her crying and holding the baby.
“Morning Mama” Miriam said unsure of herself
“Miriam, I have an important job for you”
“Yes mama, what is it”
“I’m going to send your brother away. I’ll put him in this papyrus basket and pray the lord delivers him somehow”
Miriam looked to the papyrus basket coated with tar and pitch and back to her mother and tears fell from her eyes
“No mama, we can’t send baby away”
“But Miriam I’ve tried my best. Today I have to go back to work, I can’t keep lying that I’m sick and you can’t stay home either”
“We’ll leave him at home mama”
“No Miriam. This isn’t right. I don’t know why I kept him in the first place – there was just something special I didn’t feel with you or Aaron”
Miriam seriously didn’t want the baby to go all of a sudden. Although he had been a burden most of the time, she thought she knew what her mother felt was so special. The way he’d always smile and coo were just too sweet sometimes. Even though she always complained, Miriam secretly liked taking care of him – it gave her a sense of purpose in this continued suffering they had to endure imposed by Pharaoh.
30 Minutes later and Miriam was at the side of the Nile hiding behind some reeds and waiting to see what would happen to the basket containing her junior brother. Part of her wanted to pick him up and go beg all the Egyptian women who liked her to keep the baby but she didn’t want to disobey her mother so Miriam crouched still and watched.
Miriam saw some Egyptian ladies led by soldiers walking towards the river but didn’t pay attention but they came closer to her. A closer look and she knew who it was – it was Pharaohs daughter and her entourage they had come to bath in the river. Miriam was admiring the jewellery on them and day dreaming with her eyes closed of a world where she was a princess when she heard sudden movement. She opened her eyes and one of the Princess’ servant girls was carrying her baby brother. Miriam’s blood froze as she watched her take the baby to Pharaohs daughter. Miriam held her breath knowing that the soldiers and the Princess might just throw the baby when they realised the baby was Hebrew but Pharaohs daughter collected the baby, smiled and asked one of her servant to hold the baby.
Miriam watched for some minutes and tried to mentally decide if they were going to kill the baby or not. After some minutes, Pharaohs daughter picked the baby up again and smiled. At this point Miriam decided that she might want to keep the baby so Miriam jumped out from where she was and asked Pharaohs daughter if she needed a Hebrew woman to nurse the baby to which Pharaohs daughter replied yes. Unable to control herself she ran home as quickly as she could and told her mother she had gotten her a new job.
Later at night Miriam smiled as she slept. Now one thing was obvious to herself, her father, brother and those who knew of the miraculous save, Baby was special.

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