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I remember like Yesterday Jan 1,2016. An airy arid day. That day I looked at the 365 days ahead of me. So far in my life 2016 was going to be the hardest and most crucial year. There was Jamb, WAEC, and NECO ahead of me in that order and an extra exam the SAT’S.

Not a fan of school myself, I knew I was going to need a lot of help so I prayed and asked God to help me and see me through. To give me strength which I really needed.

So I walked into 2016 with my walking stick in one hand and faith in the other. 2016 is a year I will never forget because this year I learnt a lot about life I hope to share one day. A lot of challenges presented themselves but God was there. The bible tells us to testify so ill testify anyway.

Around February/March this year, I didn’t know it at the time but I had a period of depression. A period where nothing made sense. My Jamb was coming and still the spirit of reading hadn’t descended, my left leg was giving me more trouble than it should but I knew going for checkup was a time waste because the doctor would tell me to just wait it out and still there was no sign of power handover in school and that was when the stress of being a headboy was most. I remember sleeping angrily after writing in my journal everyday and wishing the morning didn’t come. I remember removing my red tie (my emblem of authority) and stamping it angrily one Tuesday morning. I didn’t know the cause for living and ill admit I doubted God at that point but God was merciful.

Through all the drama and pain of 2016, God was teaching me a lesson. I had been saying it everyday but now it was more real.

“I might let you bend but I wont let you break”

That was Gods lesson and through even sermons this is my most important lesson this year.

Secondly, I had lived in Perpetual bitterness since 2012 because of my left Leg but this year it left me. Even after hearing my Doctors resignation and continued promise that I will be okay by the time I turned 18 which I am today with some months, I live with Joy. 2016 thought me that Gods grace was sufficient. People wonder and ask how I work with my leg and I say God. Back in school and even now at home, the first feeling I have every morning is my left knee sending a sharp pain through my body and I ask myself, “God how will I make it through today?” but everyone who knows me and especially those in Bethany Christian Academy will testify that I did more work than most people without any leg issue. At the end of everyday ill marvel at how much I did. SO this year I finally learnt a lesson from my leg which replaced the bitterness.

“Gods grace is sufficient”

My knee taught me that Gods grace was sufficient and without Gods grace I was nothing.

Thirdly my exams, the quality of reading I gave to my WAEC, NECO and JAMB examinations can be easily equated to JSS3 Mock reading, that for my SAT’s to common entrance reading but God was there. Somehow I read just what came out and remembered the rest thank God for a good memory. I did it and passed this exams well. For the SAT’s I didn’t even read but God helped me.

Fourthly, 2016 was the end of 2 stages of life for me, Secondary School and Childhood in a sense. This year, after 6 years of Blood, Sweat and Tears, I finally graduated completely with a Prefect-ship certificate as an extra from Bethany Christian Academy. The journey wasn’t smooth but God was there. I also turned 18 this year which is recognized at the age of legality worldwide. The age where you are considered wise enough to do some things on your own.

Lastly, if anything is evident from my social media posts since August I finally found my place and talent and that is in writing. Somehow I cant explain here, God used every experience this year to show me he wanted me to write. This year saw the completion of Make it Shine on Wattpad, the publishing of Gems for the mind – A collection of Poetry on Wattpad, the beginning of Spoken Voiceless a Blog and Website on WordPress, the Production of #HEALYOURWORLD and Dream it-believe it-Achieve it both videos, the start of the Psychologist a duet Novel with a friend, the writing of several short Stories of which Grieved and Sara’s Joy are posted on Facebook. This little achievements are just my starting points and I’m hoping for the grace to Study Writing in the University.

I have written a little out of what God has done for me. I can go on and on but ill stop here. One day I have a plan to write a Memoir of all the lessons I have learnt and be an encouragement.

Before I end this post let me thank some people who are my ‘unlikely heroes’. The people who supported me and made this year a success. First my Family Samuel Jurbe Deshi, Kyenpiya Deshi, Chirka Alisa Deshi, D.s. Bello and Jikirit Deshi (a’int on facebook yet), ill like to thank Pyemwa Samantha Deshi, Lizze Deshi, Leyit Lenka, Leurit George Lenka, Ephraim Funmen Gwadah, Daniel Ritkat Yakzum, Berneez Zigwai, Jemimah Mamza, Esther Rachel Best, Gladeez Ebraheem, Theophilus Silas (most of you knew us as enemies but I can say this was one of my greatest blessings), Nandak Lean, Daniel Okpanachi, Victoria Anogie, Sharon Nandang, Peace Piwuna, Mafeng Tiri (my personally adopted elder sister), Choja Macarthy, Yeipyeng David, Taiye Akinlotan, Barinyang Tende, Abdul Umar, Dalipa Gwary, Lauretta Da’anan, Dian Agundu, Wasan Danjuma, Noroh Hannah Pam, Diret Manasseh, Nanret MpyeNash Halim Chundusu, Shedrach Ezikiel (who was always ready to sacrifice for my wahala), Mr. Gabriel Ameh (words aren’t enough), Zainab Titus (Sister, Friend and Mentor; undoubtedly one of my greatest blessings this year) some I don’t know personally (Lecrea Moore, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Gavwi, Blaca, Manwell Reyes, For king and Country, KB, 1GN, Social Club Misfits, Lauren Daigle, Kirk Franklin), Bethany Christian Academy (Everyone even the security men) and phew I can go on and on. This people were my rocks, my encouragement, my fan club, my inspirations, in-short they are irreplaceable. Sorry I couldn’t remember all. Thanks fam you really did it.

Lastly, unto he who is able to keep us all safe and bring us to the presence of God with exceeding Joy, to the only wise God and Savoiur be Glory and Honour, Dominion and Power forever and ever Amen.

P.S. Bended but not broken, Personal Memoir coming up in 2023.


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