Hey fam, so I cooked up a Christmas story but from a different perspective. From the perspective of a poor inn owners daughter Sara. Read it and enjoy the art. Thank you. I anticipate your likes and comments. Do me a favor and share this story. Thank you once again

It was a really cold Night in Bethlehem Judea and Sara had been having probably the busiest day of her short 8 years of life. She had been working non stop from morning getting guests settle into her fathers inn. 
Word was, Ceaser the emperor had ordered everyone home for a census and Bethlehem happened to have too many a people.
Normally, Bethlehem was a really quiet town. People didn’t stay here but moved into the cities for lucrative jobs Bethlehem was like a retirement town and that was why there were only 5 inns but her dad had decided to move back after her mom died. 
The thought of her dad made her smile. He loved her so much! She was the only child and her mom had died giving birth to her. Sara at times wised she had met her mom but it didn’t happen that way. Her dad always told her that her mom was very sweet and nice.
The inn had actually been full since noon but helping the guests settle was a job. Her dad hadn’t expected such a population and hence they were understaffed. Just she, her dad and 2 neighbors were cooking and offering room service and going into the nearest city to get supplies since noon.
Finally Sara found a way into her own room which was near the front entrance. She was really tired. She wanted to go check on her Ewe which was expected to give birth anytime for now but she was weak. Then she heard her dad talking outside. He seemed to be trying to explain the space problem to some people and controlling his frustration at the same time. Quietly, Sara peeped out her window. It was a man and a woman on a donkey. The woman looked really pregnant like she might burst any second. The man was earnestly begging even on his knees. Sara quickly analyzed that they wouldn’t find space in any inn that night and the woman was already in pain.
Quickly, she ran out. She knew her dad had a soft spot for pregnant women due to the circumstances surrounding her birth. She appeared outside and in an almost whiny voice said, “Papa she’s going to have a baby”

Sara looked at her dad, she knew she had won him over.

“But Sara there’s no space”

“We could make hay beds for them in the Stable! Its late and almost impossible to find an inn!”

Sara knew she had sounded ridiculous but little was better than none wasn’t it? It was the man who spoke next

“Yes sir, we can manage the stable”

“Okay then” Sara’s dad said

Before he was done, Sara had already rushed down to the stable. She quickly put the room in order and made a new manger in-case the woman gave birth. By the time her dad and the guests got down the woman was in labor. 

10 minutes later, a little baby came out from the woman. Sara ran up and brought swaddling clothes which the woman wrapped the baby in and laid in the manger.
Sara didn’t know why, but this baby looked different to her. He was small like all babies and whiny but somehow his whine sounded like a happy song. All the animals in the stable seemed to be amazed at their new visitor especially the 2 week old lamb. He in particular gazed at the baby like an elder brother.
About an hour later, Sara heard a knock. She ran and there she saw Shepherds with the most happy expression on their faces.

“Hallo” their leader said

“We heard a baby, the new king has been born in the manger here”

Sara couldn’t quite place what she heard. This baby was a king!! Sara quickly took them down and they worshiped the baby. This shepherds who she knew personally and could not have possible known Joseph and Mary (the baby’s parents) had heard of his birth and come to worship. The shepherds told her dad angels had appeared to them. The last time an angel appeared after another really long time was to Zachariah the Priest.
Then another knock. Sara ran and this time from when she saw them she knew who they were. The wise astrologers from the east more popularly known as the Wise kings. 3 of them stood before her

“Hello, little one, please lead us to the new born king. A star led us here” and he pointed to the brightest star Sara had ever seen.

Sara led them down to meet the shepherds, her dad, the baby and his parents. They worshiped the baby and offered 3 gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

After some time worshiping, both the shepherds and the wise men left with the promise to spread the word that a new king was born. Only Sara and her Dad were left with the ‘royal family’. After some time talking, Sara went to her bed.
Sara would later be one of his key followers and one of the women who went to his tomb only to find that he had defiled the law of death but that night as Sara slept, she slept with a big smile because she knew she had just been part of something big.

Hello fam, so its December 22 2016, 3 days to Christmas and people have a negative spirit already especially due to the economic situations we’re facing here in Nigeria. Well, I hope this story reminds us that Christmas isn’t necessarily about money as our Lord was born in the poorest in situations. I don’t think any of us especially the young were born in a condition near that. So I want us to take our minds off our economic circumstances and worship God this Christmas with Joy in our hearts. If you have the money to put on a serious celebration fine but even if you don’t, do what you can do and share with your family. Have fun and enjoy each other in this season of love. God doesn’t care how much we spend but our hearts and us sharing the love of the Christmas season matters to him. So relax, be calm and Merry Christmas!


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