Hey guys, its your favorite blogger again (pardon my narcissism). So I’m back again and this week (forth-night) my focus is leaving your comfort zone.

So the comfort zone this is a very popular term used everywhere; in church, in business, etc. People always make reference to an imaginary section of whatever geographical map called ‘Comfort Zone’ However this Comfort Zone is a mental thing its a time of rest you create for yourself, its when you decide your contented with things and so resort to a hiatus, its when you decide “I’m not going to work on any form of improvement, I’m happy the way thing is”. But well, there is no comfort zone really and i don’t think we should try and create one. Sadly, we don’t like stress and so the second we feel comfort and lack of strain we want to stay there we refuse to move (it’s only human anyways).

I’ll have to use a story to illustrate my first Principle…so we’re at this thanksgiving and my nephew (Cousins son actually but u know Africa) is restless running around and creating noise. An elder cousin gets a piece of paper and folds it into a play jet for my boy and he goes to flaunt it. His friends now rally round with the hope of getting a turn on the paper jet. Then my little wise man unfolds his jet cuts the paper into 4 equal pieces and makes everyone a jet.  Humorous right, but i drew a lesson from this. When he got his jet he had landed in his comfort zone but soon his friends created discomfort. So he willingly left his comfort zone to create another one. The idea is vague but then it leads to my first Principle today


#Principle 1 – Our comfort zone ceases to be a comfort zone when we refuse to work on maintaining it

When we feel comfort and stay there very soon things begin to betwitch  our freedom. Its very sad that we have to live like this. The trace of this ailment this lack of comfort can well be traced to scripture to the fall of man. Since then, as humans we naturally crave comfort and it doesn’t come easy.

Anyways that’s not my reason for writing this post I’m writing this post to continue my rant on #HEALYOURWORLD…Healing your world involves leaving your comfort zone. As carefully stated in my video and last blog post, we all have talents and skills given to us by God. To some of us it might be the performing arts like singing, dancing, writing (Team spirit), etc. To others it might be the brains and we see ourselves going into medicine,teaching, etc. For some its an entrepreneurial spirit and they become business goons. Whatever God has given us can heal the world. A singer or dancer can perform and inspire,a  writer can write revolutionary stuff, a doctor can be involved in missions and free health care runs to people, a teacher can impact a generation and a business man can invest his money into charities and helping people. Basically where-ever you may find yourself you can create change. Some of us are so blessed we’re multi-talented and multi-blessed.

But a big restraint and I myself the self acclaimed ‘change advocate’ fall prey to this ill. That restraint is ‘THE COMFORT ZONE’. When we could be doing much more to change the system around us, we’re instead resting and saying, “Tomorrow”, “Maybe later in life” and a plethora of other excuses meanwhile the world passing in front of us is only getting sicker. People, we need to step out of comfort and realize that the longer we stay in that comfort the worst the situation will become and one day we’ll wish for comfort in this world but even a second we wont get. So today’s second principle


#Principle 2 – Healing your world does not happen in your comfort zone

Its time we emulated my lil mans example and change things around us.Its time we stood up and made the world a better place for everyone. Allow me to become a philosopher


#Principle 3 – When you make the world around you happy, you will be happy

So before i go let me promote someone who has taken his time to start healing his world. His name is Ephraim Gwadah, he is a fresh high school graduate with a voice to heal the nations and his track ‘Incredible God’ drops on Sunday. Believe he’s an ear-buster (if there’s anything like that) so anticipate it with me.


Well thats all for now folks (Looney Toons throwback) see you when next i write. Capiche



2 thoughts on “The Comfort Zone

  1. You have spoken a lot of truth in this blog post Mr.Desh. Healing the world is no easy venture. One has to step out of his or her comfort zone to make an important impact to the world.
    Keep up the good job Mr Desh


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