2016 year in Retrospective

I remember like Yesterday Jan 1,2016. An airy arid day. That day I looked at the 365 days ahead of me. So far in my life 2016 was going to be the hardest and most crucial year. There was Jamb, WAEC, and NECO ahead of me in that order and an extra exam the SAT’S. … Continue reading 2016 year in Retrospective



Hey fam, so I cooked up a Christmas story but from a different perspective. From the perspective of a poor inn owners daughter Sara. Read it and enjoy the art. Thank you. I anticipate your likes and comments. Do me a favor and share this story. Thank you once again It was a really cold … Continue reading SARA’S JOY


Ladies and gentlemen your #1 Blogger is back again. Its blog post Thursday!! So today’s topic is inspirational its all part of my #HEALYOURWORLD series. So firstly, a dream in my own definition (I wont quote any dictionary) is something we believe we aspire and will go any length to achieve. This is different from … Continue reading DREAM IT – BELIEVE IT – ACHIEVE IT

The Comfort Zone

Hey guys, its your favorite blogger again (pardon my narcissism). So I’m back again and this week (forth-night) my focus is leaving your comfort zone. So the comfort zone this is a very popular term used everywhere; in church, in business, etc. People always make reference to an imaginary section of whatever geographical map called … Continue reading The Comfort Zone