Hapinness and Joy – My personal Principles

Hello guys, it’s been quite some time…ikr…within this expanse of time i’ve been away as usual i’ve been observing life and as usual ive made some discoveries i believe are worth sharing.

Today’s discoveries are all linked to happiness. I remember some months back i saw a picture and the picture had a quote saying, “True friendship goes beyond money”. I was intrigued when i say that quote and it is of-course another way of saying a Friend in need is a friend indeed. I really wish i could see the picture but the picture depicted 3 boys practically dressed in rags hugging each other and laughing. I made a comparative of that picture to me and my mates when we go to “CHILL” that Joy i saw on those lads face wasn’t there so my first lesson is

#Principle 1 – The secret of happiness dosen’t lie in Money

Today, Just some hours ago on my favourite social network Twitter i saw  a post saying ‘and somebody says African children don’t smile’, attached to the tweet were some pictures. When i saw them i couldn’t help but re tweet. There in one of the pictures was a little boy holding a cabbage and smiling with the most intense dimples I’ve seen (minus those in my last principle). Since morning whenever i see that picture i blush and try to imagine my misplaced dimple. My lesson from that picture is

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#Principle 2 – True happiness lies in contentment

Thirdly, i was on twitter again and i saw a picture captioned this picture deserves endless re tweets. In the  picture was one of the released Chibok Girls…this dimple i saw I’m still trying to search my brain for a contender. When i saw her joy, i was shocked. This girl spent approximately 2 years 6 months in captivity away from her family and she could still smile. She hadn’t become cold but she was smiling with joy in her heart. You know there’s that forced smile and that smile that can only come from within. Her heart hadn’t grown cold. In fact when i saw the picture a crazy thought popped up …in my mind i was like so Boko Haram released the fine girls first daft! This is hypocritical but i wont be shocked if she received special treatment from her captors because of her ever glow smile..So my lesson here is

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#Principle 3 – True joy and happiness dosen’t lie in having things and complete freedom…it lies in smiling through any situation

Fourth, an avid observer I’ve seen many a people unhappy. And this unhappiness breaks my heart for the wrong reason. So many times we hold on to things that don’t work out. We hold on to the wounds of yesterday. You trust God for a job opportunity seriously and its given to someone else…or u write a proposal and somebody steals it. What we should do is commit it to prayer and move on but we hold on we refuse to let go. In the Pure Flix Movie Do you believe? an old couple i cant recall their names were constantly depressed since their daughter died and in fact they didn’t clear out her room. One day the old man cleared it out because it had become their ‘personal museum’ it had sapped them of the joy of their remaining days so what I’m saying in essence is don’t let the past hold u back move on. 

#Principle 4 – The secret of life is letting it go

Lastly, Charles Spurgeon crowns my observations with his quote…”It is not how much we, have but how much we enjoy that makes happiness”. This is correlated to all the principles but this one has a special aura to it. You can be rich, you can be poor, you can be a church rat, but what matters is how much you enjoy what you have. Its really ironic how we see very rich families in society broken and unhappy with one another but by our standards they have what it takes to be ‘happy’ and down the street there’s that family of 5 inside a 2 room apartment…but the joy they have is something else. You see rich people in relationships always having problems and you see the girl who follows him to eat amala at mama Putt truly happy. I had to write this post because our mindset is becoming wrong. Happiness is not materially satiable it lays in simple contentment. It lies in enjoying what you have. If you’re rich, Fine! enjoy it but if you’re poor enjoy it. God didn’t create us to be sad he created us to be happy. This last picture depicts happiness and joy again in the midst of crazy circumstances. This girl still liked him even though he had nothing to offer her materially. 



Lessons from the younger generation (LOL) – Deshi Nenkinan

Hey guys, kwana biyu as the hausa will say…so as usual i’m an avid observer of the environment and i dont know why but over the past one week i’ve been paying keen interests in children…im going to talk of 3 experiences and what i learnt. Some of you might say see small boy saying children…oyo for you

So first of all last thursday i was walking to a friends ouse when i passed by a school…it was closing hour and i saw children casually walking to their parents jeeps and other classy vehicles…then suddenly i saw this boy running to his father….it caught my attention and the father lifted up his boy…they walked to a very old Peugeot Pick-up that was so rusted it didnt have lights…suddenly my heart was warmed. This boys father didnt even wear proper clothes it was obvious he was pushing hard to give his son a better life than him. This rich children didnt value their things infact most of them were grumpy but this boy knew the value of his fathers hussle. Immediately again my mind went back to all those times both in primary school and secondary school that i was for reasons that seem scrap to me now ashamed of my parents and i felt remorseful. Remorseful that i didnt love them the way this boy who dosent look a day older than 5 did. I learnt unconditional parental love from this boy

Post new.jpg

Lesson #1….Money dosen’t matter. Family is more important

Secondly, only 2 days later, in church i saw a man and his daughter…foolishly i asked is that your daughter even though the resemblance was serious. I wanted to reach out to the baby but she was wriggling away from even her dad. He set her down and she started running towards a certain direction. Her dad just let her go and after not more than 15 steps, she fell down. As expected, she did the normal things children do, she fell but she didnt cry then suddenly she turned and saw her dad…she now shouted in tears “DADDY”. This girl reminded me of a sudden truth,  no matter how far we run from our parents, they are still our parents still our #1 liveline

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Lesson #2…Our parents matter much to us and we cant afford to run from them

My third experience was very hillarious…My mom was shouting at my junior bro for watching TV when he had assignments. Well sadly to say, im not much a big brother figure on him but that day i decided to try…I asked him, “JJ if you have juice in your bag but no buiscuit and you have just a notebook no pen, and mommy gives you 10 naira…what will you do when you reach the shop opposite the house?”…i expected this young boy to say Pen so ill relate the scale of preference to his assingments but to my astonishment he looked at me and said, “Ill buy buiscuit and borrow biro in school”. Till today, i’m flabbergasted as to how this boys reasoning was so crude and broad. On a normal day ill launch into a lecture of how this is the Nigerian mentality and how it affects Nigeria but today, im just astonished on how wise children are and how much they think. I think this child observation as kicked off by Jayda’s post last week but i was dazed. If this boys thinking is channeled in the right direction, at this young age he can give birth to many ideas. From that day, i was forced to respect my young brother. Then i saw a Shakespeare quote and he said, “If you want your children to be intelligent read them fairy tales”…That day i reduced my brothers criticism of cartoons

Lesson #3…Intelligence is not in age…don’t be proud…Children are not less intelligent than adults, they are less informed

Lastly, i was touchced by a quote i saw on Facebook. This quote empasises the importance of family and why we should love them

1250 facebook friends, 588 twitter followers, 743 whataspp friends, still outside the ICU he had only his wife, children and parents. For whom he never had time to spend. So dear friends, move out of the imaginary world and spend some time with family

Long post, but thanks for reading guys…love ya’ll #Learnfromchildren #Lessonsfromtheyoungergeneration #Critialthinking