So some weeks back i posted the Shakespearean Sonnet #18 Can i compare thee to a summers day and promised to post my modern rendition..well here goes…Deshi Sonnet #1 I wish i could compare you to a beautiful sunset. Ladies as you read this imagine i wrote it for you and be like awwwwnnnn he’s so sweet ikr no need to flatter myself…i actually wrote it for somone (Not talking). Thanks for reading

I wish I could compare you to a beautiful sunset

But a comparison between your beauty and sunset will be blasphemy

Would be a massive failure from the onset

Because your beauty to sunset is a glory

When the sun begins to go down

And is glaring a wonderful light

You smile and feel the day’s job is done

And the future ahead looks very bright

This is how you look to me

You give hope and extreme happiness

You are so pleasant like a good melody

And the dark areas I have you fill with brightness

How I wish I could compare you with a sunset


Thanks for reading fam really appreciate for more beautiful poetry visit https://www.wattpad.com/316517986-gems-for-the-mind-a-collection-of-poetrynenkinan-deshis

#Poetry #Beautifulpoetry #beautifulmind #wordsfromtheheart


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