Hey guys, so my really good friend and fellow creative person sent me this post and it’s swell. You really need to check this out, read it and like. Thank you Glays Ibrahim and Thank you all for reading.

‘She was running and she hit her leg against a tree stump. She felt the throbbing pain and little did she know that she had a big wound on her big toe. It was so painful that she couldn’t wear shoes for days, and after about a week, without her noticing, the wound as all healed with just a little scar. She had almost forgotten that she had that injury.’

  I’m sure you were expecting something better, like a story with such a touching end, not something as normal as this. Yeah, it’s normal to have an injury, and it’s also normal for it to heal and we almost forget anything happened there, but I believe there is a great lesson to be learnt from it.
 Well, it’s normal for two people who were involved in such a heated argument that they almost tear their skin be seen having a normal conversation few days after, even though there was no actual peace making sitting. We see a little kid who cries for a toy and after a while she stops. It may not be that that toy was bought, she probably got over it and now, she wants a bicycle instead. Also, there’s this young widower who believes his life has come to an end after the death of his soulmate, who cries his eyes out like there’s no tomorrow. However, give him a few months and he’s succeeding at his place of work, and maybe happily married to another woman. If we look closely at these few scenarios, there’s one thing that is common among them all. That thing is ‘TIME’.

Time, I believe is the best cure to every disease, the soothing relief to every downcast person, the stitch in every broken relationship etc. I can go on and on to give various examples to show how important time is to us, but at this point, I think I should pause to take a look at what God tells us in the Bible about time. Take some time out to read

Ecclesiastes 3:1-9. It is not a long reading but I’ll just quote verses 1 and 3;
“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens… A time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build” (TNIV).
A lot of times, when we’re passing through some things, we feel all hope is lost, and we tend to forget other worse things that may have happened to us that with time, we got over. We fail to understand that there is a time for everything to happen in this world. Sometimes, we ask for things that we don’t get, and after some time, we stop asking not because we got them, but because we’ve come to a striking realization that that thing wasn’t even necessary, there are more important things. However, at that time of asking, it looked like you were going to run out of patience.
   There is no argument however that time is the greatest gift given to us humans. It is the only thing that can’t be regained once lost. In fact, even the promise of eternity with God in heaven is a gift of time, time that has no limit, no end! Time heals everything! Just give that issue some time as that is the only moment it has to last. Relish whatever circumstance you’re in, whether good or bad, as that is it’s time, and when it’s gone, it cannot be gotten back. The saying goes, ‘you don’t know the value of something until it is gone’. I believe this is the best saying that tells us how to cherish our time. That opportunity, that friend, that teacher, that course, that loss of a loved one, that funny moment, that sickness, that child, that T.V program is there for a reason. Don’t let that time roll over without you learning the lesson it had for you!

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