Waiting in a static line today, with hundreds, probably a thousand and more ahead of me wasn’t encouraging.

My little hope I left home with early in the morning was silently shattering as the early hours of the day passed. The smile soon unconsciously became a frown.

I had enough time to think about my life: the past, present and future. Ask my self questions like what worms would like to eat for desert and if they had tea time. Just to while away time. It was shocking to see that by 2pm I was the same place I had being a day before.

Many young youths like me, sitting just desperately waiting to be screened. I then remembered something I could do. I could pray for help which I did in a second.

Immediately a friend and his mom dropped by. I could feel the proud smile on my face. Why? Because I knew deep down that my prayer had been heard. With the help of him and his mom, I was screened. Just like that. God chose me over a thousand other people to be screened at that time and day.

Not because I am perfect, not because I was more healthy or more handsome. But because he said knock and the door would be opened. Ask and it shall be given.

If we ask his grace will surely be sufficient.. I used to doubt that God heard my little petty prayers but then i got to learn… No 2 events in the world are mutually exclusive… God controls all and is in all. All we need do is pray… That prayer bridges the long distance between us and God… Just 30 seconds with closed eyes.

He is a billion miles away. But He is closer to us than our thoughts. He is waiting to pick you out of thousands like he did to me today. Only if we ask!

Called to obedience


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