…What’s the question to your answer?…

My dad asks this many times. He says, why can’t maths have 1 formula that when mastered, it could be applicable to any equation in the world? Anytime he went for a test, he learnt just a formula that probably helped him get f9 .

His question may sound funny to the ears? But believe me, deep down that question lies some funny truths.

Think about it for a minute. How would it feel if we could learn a formula in maths that when applied, yields the answer we are looking for. How would it feel if we could use 1 flow or rhyme for every girl and when applied, wins the girl over. How would it feel if we could use 1 method in life and every other thing falls in place?

It would probably be awesome because there would be no use for school because you are rest assured ,that knowing just that 1 formula to life would take you to that level of success which you crave and desire for….

Sadly, not only that we can’t have 1 formula, we also cannot have the same question, role or pattern to help us navigate through our lives to success… Why do we always feel down,

Why do we let our hopes down the gutter, Why do we feel wounded and broken when people around us use certain formulas to greatness and when we use those same formulas, we end up as nothing. With big f9s on our faces.

We don’t have the same questions!!!!!! Just as much as each question has its own formula, so does each of our life carry its own question which comes with his own formula. Just because it works for me who told you it would for you? Our destinies are different! And most of all Gods plan for each and every 1 of us is different!

The only method, the only way, the only road that is applicable to all aspects of each and every one of our lives, our relationships, our families, our successes, and our future is Jesus.

Once you have him, all other things follow! Called to obedience


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