SO guys, my own Novel is out…YEah!!! here’s the summary.

Make it shine centres on a boy, Dave Corbs. Dave is son of Bill Corbs former Christian and second in command at the Rockers a very notorious cult. Bill also makes Dave a bandit and Dave is involved in a rough lifestyle till one day when he gets shot by Derek a run-away orphaned from a pastor church kid.

Dave’s 6 months in Comma, provide time for his dad and girlfriend Samantha to fin Christ slowly.

Also Andrea Phillips runs from home in anger when she finds out of her mums affair. A year and a half later she’s pregnant and almost died in an abortion attempt. Eventually she gets discharged and slowly seeks purpose. Then she stumbles upon Dave.

Derek is a run away kid..orphaned of a pastor. Derek carries a lot of anger and wants to be in control. In a power thrift he shoots Dave.

Eventually, Derek meets God as does Dave and Samantha. Dave starts a group in his hospital room and there Andrea and some 24 kids find Salvation.

At the end, Dave dies. His dad Bill Corbs builds a youth centre to carry on Dave’s legacy.

Dont hesistate to check it out on wattpad…Make it Shine by Black116…Don’t mind the irony



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