It was cold and dark. Kayla lay still on the cold floor helpless. She was alone, in agonizing pain. She could barely move. She felt like she was being torn apart slowly. All she could do was cry. Tears rolled down her face, she wished she were dead.

Lying there still, she heard a voice say “I am with you.” She tried to look around but the darkness was thick. Being a woman of good faith, she recalled that still and calm voice.

She thought to herself, “How am I going to fight this pain?” In the midst of this deadly pain, something kept her going.

Suddenly, it got worse. The pain was sharper and she let out a loud scream. Almost immediately, she felt a form of tension around her, like people fighting, only that she couldn’t physically see anything. With her lips moving, she said a short prayer’ “Lord, I submit myself to you, please deliver me.”

Minutes later, she felt the tension go down. Although still in pain, in the cold, she felt sudden peace around her and she quietly said, “thank You Lord.” While she still lay there, she felt the pain leaving her bones, she started feeling warm and gradually all the pain was gone.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes. She realized that she was still in the hospital. She saw a group of family and friends holding hands and praying. Her husband was sitting down beside her with his head on her belly. As she moved as little, her husband lifted his head up. She could see in his eyes that he’d been crying. He then stood up and said in a loud voice, “God has done it, let’s give thanks to Him!” Everyone gathered around her bed and they sang songs and gave thanks to God.

The doctors who came in and examined her were amazed at the miraculous event. Her temperature was normal; her skin was no more pale, her heart rate was normal. It was unexplainable.

She realized that she was not the only one fighting. Then she heard that still and calm voice again saying, “You had faith in me and that’s all I needed from you. It’s never over till I say it’s over. I’m always with you. I’ll never leave you.” Finally, she smiled.

James 1:2-4 “consider it great joy, my brothers, whenever you experience various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. But endurance must do its complete work so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.”

Psalm 34:18 “the Lord is near the broken hearted; He saves those crushed in the spirit.”

So often, we forget that God is always with us. Other times, we believe that He is with us only when good things are happening but really, He’s always with us.

Sometimes, God allows us to go through trials as a test of faith. Whenever we find ourselves in situations that human strength cannot handle, whenever our spirits are crushed, whenever our hopes are dashed, remember that God is with us and he will see us through. Whenever we feel like giving up, remember that God’s angels are fighting our battles, we just have to pray, have faith and endure. We should be strong and courageous. We should be fearless because God will help and deliver us once we believe.

Credit: Jemimah Mamza


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