So hello guys…today i feel the urgent need to blog about this book ‘Faith over fear’, it’s actually from wattpad… I’m a wattpad fan from day one… So i was reading through and i stumbled on Abigail Rayne… Lemme just say Abigail is a really inspiring author…Faith over fear captivated me i couldn’t stop… Lemme give her summary 

Rylyn Delson has a very crazy quiet life… She lives with her Dad and her life is pretty much around him. 

David Ark just moves into town as a youth teacher at Rylyns church… Immediately he and Rylyn stroked a cord… Rylyn is also quite emotional. 

After a fight with her friend, Rylyns dad is shot and he telles her to run… She runs but get injures… Dave and Mirrisa come to the rescue. 

The days after are full of an emotional distaster as Rylyn adjusts to the change in her private life to an exposed life… At the end she gets adopted not just under fostal care… 

Abigail does know how to end a book (no sarcasm)… The book ends with Rylyn finding out she has a sister… Epic

So that’s my summary… Go to and read Faith over Fear


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